Double book launch at ÉRIGAL!

On February 21st, ÉRIGAL organized a double book launch at Bar A in Montreal.

On this occasion, Julián Durazo-Hermann launched his latest book: Les espaces publics, la démocratie et les gauches en Amérique latine, published by Les Presses de l'Université Laval.
At the same time, Manuel Balán and Françoise Montambeault launched the book they co-edited: Legacies of the Left Turn in Latin America. The Promise of Inclusive Citizenship, published by Notre Dame University Press.

Colleagues and friends gathered at Bar A on Friday, February 21st to celebrate this double launch.
As pointed out by Cynthia Milton (Université de Montréal, History) and Erik Martinez Kuhonta (McGill, Political science), the two books not only represent the genesis of what is now ÉRIGAL: a community of Latin-American colleagues formed through networks and collaborative work. But they also represent institutional collaborations that go beyond the boundaries of universities, departments and cities.

Laura MacDonald (Carleton University) emphasized the excellence and importance of the contributions of both books to Latin Americanist research and political science more broadly.