Adèle Idriss

My research interests lie in the importance of economic development and growth in eradicating the dependence and exclusion of marginalized peoples. I am currently writing my honors thesis at Concordia on indigenous peoples' in Canada, arguing that their economic dependence perpetuates their marginalized status. I will go on to complete a masters degree in International Relations where I will begin to understand the link between the state and their populations. I hope to see why many difficult situations perpetuate. 
When I worked with south Sudanese migrants in central Cairo I understood the entrenched nature of their social exclusion and poverty and how it dictates lives. Moreover, when I worked with CEED (Community Empowerment Education and Development) here at Concordia, the importance of education and development as key in eradicating exclusion become something I felt passionate about. I hope to learn more about the entrenched nature of the inequalities and exclusions that perpetuate in many Latin American countries as well as the governments' role in perpetuating or aiding them.  
Fields of Interest
International relations and economic growth
Role of the state in development 
Human rights and development 
Economic development of minorities