Françoise Montambeault
Director of ÉRIGAL
+1 514 343 6111, dial 2645

Director of ÉRIGAL and Associate Professor of Political Science at the Université de Montréal 

My research is in the field of comparative politics. It focuses on the process of democratization and the construction of citizenship, more specifically, on participatory democracy in Latin America. Over the last twenty years, the region has experienced a major wave of institutional reforms that are a part of a process of deepening the quality of democracies and look to ‘re-invent’ governance, including bringing formally so-called ‘ordinary’ citizens to the heart of decision-making processes, especially at the local level. 
My recent work shows the importance of the nature of participatory institutions for democratic development, but also that of political and social actors who are active and connected to them; their strategies and their interactions.

My current research follows three main themes
The role of institutionalized participation in the development of citizenship and local communities 
The role of deliberation in divided societies
The concept of actors’ autonomy in participatory contexts 
Recent research projects 
The participedia project: a global partnership to create and mobilize knowledge about democratic innovations 
Informal practices in participation: an alternative path to political participation? 
Indigenous peoples, territory and resources: a comparative analysis of Prior Free and Informed Consent translation mechanisms 
Governance, inclusion and citizenship in Latin America: institutions, informality and conflicts

Recent publications
Montambeault, Françoise. « Participatory Citizenship in the Making? The Multiple Citizenship Trajectories of Participatory Budgeting Actors in Brazil », Journal of Civil Society, vol. 12, no. 3, 2016.

Montambeault, Françoise et Camille Goirand (2016). « Between Collective Action and Individual Appropriation: The Informal Dimensions of Participatory Budgeting in Recife, Brazil », Politics & Society, vol. 44, no. 1, 201.

Dembinska, Magdalena et Françoise Montambeault (2015). « Deliberation for Reconciliation in Divided Societies », Journal of Public Deliberation, vol. 11, no. 1.

Montambeault, Françoise (2015). « Décloisonner la comparaison : Dispositifs participatifs et démocratisation au Mexique et au Brésil », Participations, no. 11, pp. 87-113.