Justine Le Gallic

Justine Le Gallic is a B.A. student at Concordia University majoring in Political Science with a minor in Theatre. She is particularly interested in the interaction between the two disciplines. During her program, she studied the impact of theatre practitioner Augusto Boal, whose work on Brazilian civil society revealed theatre as a model for participation in democracy. This also inevitably confirmed her interest in the Latin American region. Drawn to the processes of democratization, regime changes, and the impact of civil society movements, she joined ERIGAL to explore the Latin American region’s traditional ways of conducting politics alongside other peers. This research team encourages her to reflect on the relations among individuals and political communities from an analytical and critical perspective, reinforcing her ambitions to become a pertinent actor in this world. Indeed, she looks forward to pursuing a career in journalism to raise awareness of the current and future geopolitical stakes. Ultimately, she hopes to raise public opinion on societal stakes to give a voice to those who can hardly be heard.

Fields of interest
Social movements
Comparative politics