Sara Duran-Bettancour

I hold a bachelor's degree in International Studies, specializing in cooperation and development, at the Université de Montréal. I describe myself as a curious and passionate person with a passion for nature, with the sting of travel. My interests in Latin American studies and international development developed following an internship I did in Bolivia with a Canadian NGO in collaboration with a Bolivian national organization protecting the rights and interests of Bolivian indigenous artisans.
Currently, I am a master's student in political science with a professional path in public and international affairs (MAPI) at the University of Montreal. I wish to move towards a concentration in public policy. My research and professional interests focus on Canadian public policy in development assistance and on Canadian foreign policy, more specifically on Canada's diplomatic cooperation in international development with national and international countries and NGOs.

Fields of Interest
Public Policy 
Canadian foreign policy on international cooperation 
International Development 
Canadian Development Assistance