Dan Furukawa Marques
+1 418 656 2131, dial 417899

Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology at l’Université Laval

My research is in the field of political thought. My work brings together political thought, social anthropology and political economy and focuses on the construction of cooperative communities, social movements, cooperation and alternative economies. It is through the reconstitution of actors’ life trajectories, the analysis of daily social practices and evolution of cooperative communities, that my work captures and characterises different ways politics is lived in cooperation and conflict and how it manifests and transforms.

I have taught courses in political and social philosophy, cooperation and social and solidarity economy, as well as on globalisation, citizenship and development, the social and political context of Latin America, especially Brazil, and also on Quebec society and its ideologies. 

As the holder of the Alban D’Amours Teaching Leadership Chair in Sociology of Cooperation (CLEASC), I have developed a research program that examines the construction of cooperative communities by understanding the political principles that underlie them. A cooperative community is a gathering of individuals whose purpose is to take part in common work that guides different ways of working and co-existing and is rooted in political principles such as participatory democracy, economic democracy, the commons, ecology and giving and reciprocity. The ethnographic method of political phenomenology is the preferred method in the analysis; it allows us to understand the construction of communities from a political perspective, a part of foundational norms, everyday practices and the life stories of its members.

My research is based around two main axes
Cooperation and political life 
Cooperation, community and territory 

Recent research projects
Cross-perspectives on Post-Growth Societies 
New forms of social cooperation in light of the commons: the cases of Building 7, Collectif Solon and Spaces of Initiatives

Recent publications 
Furukawa Marques, Dan. (2019). « Communauté et subjectivité politiques. La mística du Mouvement des travailleurs ruraux sans-terre (MST) et la phénoménologie politique de Maurice Merleau-Ponty », Politique et sociétés, vol. 38, no.3: 27-49.

Devette, Pascale et Dan Furukawa Marques. (2019). « La dignité du travail, fondation d’une communauté politique dans le Mouvement des travailleurs ruraux sans-terre (MST) du Brésil », Journal des anthropologues, no. 158-159 : 1-25.