Daniela Vargas Francia

Daniela is a Ph.D student in human geography at the Université de Montréal, and she holds a Master's degree in Urban Studies from the Catholic University of Chile. Her career combines academic studies with community work and citizen activism, determining a research to understand the relationships between society, power and space from a relational and participatory approach. Her current research project aims to open a reflection on the role of spaces and people in the historical process that opens the Constituent Convention in Chile, to change the Political Constitution inherited from the dictatorship. By tracing spaces and social practices of resistance for social and political transformation, and their tension with the hegemonic process, she seeks to understand the resinification of political arrangements in the construction of citizenship, participation and democracy.

Fields of Interest
Social transformation and resistance
Social movements, autonomy and institutionalization
Relational production of space
Latin American feminisms
Latin America - Southern Cone

Vargas, D. (2018). Valparaíso. La construcción de una imagen urbana de proyección mundial. Santiago de Chile, Chile, Ril Editores.