Liam Dunbar
Ph.D Student

Liam Dunbar is a PHD Student in Political Science at Concordia University, having entered the program in 2018. He holds a Baccalaureate in International Development and Globalization, as well as a Masters in Globalization and International Development, from the University of Ottawa. His Master’s Thesis explored the role of the Salvadoran diaspora in Canada in the Salvadoran mining justice movement. For his PHD thesis, he will focus on the influence of the transition from a neoliberal economic system to a neo-extractivist system in Bolivia on resistance strategies to extractive development by environmental and indigenous organizations in this country. His thesis supervisor is Jean-François Mayer.

Fields of Interest
Social Movements
Extractive Development

Dunbar, L. (2019). An Exploration of the Salvadoran Mining Justice Movement, and of the Contributions of the Salvadoran Diaspora in Canada. Master’s Thesis, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, ON