Madelyn Evans

Madelyn is a third year student at McGill University, pursuing a degree in Honours Political Science and double minoring in Arabic and Hispanic Studies. She aims to work in the area of foreign diplomacy and international human rights law and has a strong interest in the refugee crisis and humanitarian issues, particularly those pertaining to Latin America and the Middle East. Recently, Madelyn was accepted to the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School's 2020 Global Institute for Human Rights, where she engaged in discussion about human rights law and policy making alongside other human rights activists and leaders from around the world. Last year Madelyn volunteered in the West Bank city of Hebron, where she visited refugee camps and interviewed human rights activists, lawyers, and NGO officials to learn more about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This past summer she worked as a research assistant for Professor Hamish van der Ven of the McGill School of Environment and the Department of Political Science, where she assisted with research on global environmental sustainability standards and the politics of addressing climate change.
Fields of interest
International Human Rights Law 
Latin American and Middle Eastern Politics 
The Global Refugee Crisis
Environmental Justice
"Defending Human Rights Through Social Action: The Role of the Catholic Church in Latin America in the 1960s–1980s," Flux: International Relations Review, McGill University (Winter 2020)
"From Militancy to Moderation: The Evolution of a Resistance Movement: The Case of Hamas,” McGill Journal of Political Studies, McGill University (Winter 2020)