Orlando Lima Pimentel
Ph.D Student

My research is in the field of the sociology of cooperation, at the intersection of philosophy, economics and technological development.
My Master's degree in Philosophy of Science (University of São Paulo - Brazil) allowed me to study issues related to the history of the development of early computers and their historical-economic context. The questions raised in my master's degree led to my current research, which further explores the social significance of the emergence of new forms of technology and how such innovations might aim at more social, just and cooperative ends.
During my academic career, I had the chance to participate in the philosophy of science publishing house "Scientiae Studia", to organize debates at the Institute for Advanced Studies of the University of São Paulo (IEA-USP) and to help found the study group Marx, Science and Technology. Currently, I am doing my PhD at Laval University.

Fields of interest
Sociology of cooperation
Philosophy of science


PIMENTEL, Orlando Lima (2018) "O menosprezado debate sobre o artificial em IA". Teccogs: Revista Digital de Tecnologias Cognitivas, TIDD | PUC-SP, São Paulo, n. 17, p. 113-127, jan-jun. 2018