Tina Hilgers
+1 514 848 2424, dial 2137

Associate Professor, Department of Political Science at Concordia University 

My research is in the field of comparative politics at the intersection of sociology, anthropology and geography.

My research and teaching activities focus mainly on urban politics and the dynamics of violence and informality. My recent work shows that structural and informal hierarchies of power continue to define several so-called ‘democratic’ practices in state-society relations.

My current research follows two main themes
The links between formal, informal and illegal spheres in the economic, political and social organisation of low-income communities in Latin American and the Caribbean
The patterns of resistance and resilience around structural urban violence in informal settings of work and housing (Brazil, Colombia and Jamaica)

Recent research projects
FRQSC Research Support for New Academics, “The Resilience Gap in Urban Latin America and the Caribbean: Normalizing Insecurity vs. Transforming Security” (2017-2020)
SSHRC Insight Grant, “Rights, Benefits, and Identity: Clientelistic and Democratic Representation in Latin America” (2012-2018)

Recent publications
Hilgers, Tina. (2019). “Clientelism” in Anne Tittor, Bernhard Leubolt, and Daniel Hawkins (eds) Rethinking the Americas: Key Topics in Political Economy and Governance. London: Routledge. [In press].

Hilgers, Tina, and Jorge Luiz Barbosa (eds). (2017). Identidade, território e política no contexto de violência na América latina. Rio de Janeiro: Observatorio de Favelas.

Hilgers, Tina, and Laura Macdonald (eds). 2017. Violence in Latin America and the Caribbean: Subnational Structures, Institutions, and Clientelistic Networks. New York: Cambridge University Press.