Launch of the fifth ERIGAL video capsule of the Diálogos-Dialogues series!
We are delighted and proud to announce the release of the fifth video capsule of our ÉRIGAL series, "Diálogos. Dialogues." This series consists of short video interviews featuring local actors, practitioners, and academics from Latin America.
This achievement is made possible by the outstanding work of Erika Ranke-Farro, (an Université de Montréal graduate with a master's degree in political science), and the generous participation of Cristopher Coñoman. Professors Françoise Montambeault and Thomas Collombat have also made significant contributions to the production of this video, along with our editor Rose Chabot, Mélanie Alpach as a graphic designer, and Garance Robert as a coordinator.
Titled "Mapuche Rap: A Tool of Political Resistance," the video explores the role of art, specifically music, as a means of expression and political participation, reflecting and bearing witness to the times. Mapuche rap, originating in the suburbs of Santiago and created by young Mapuches seeking to denounce the injustices they have faced, serves as a powerful example. To delve into this artistic expression as an instrument of political resistance and beyond, Erika Ranke-Farro interviewed Cristopher Coñoman, a Mapuche rapper who has been part of this movement for over 10 years.
The video is available with English or French subtitles on our website: or directly on ÉRIGAL's YouTube channel: 
We hope you enjoy it, and please feel free to share it on your social networks!