Successful completion of the CERIUM summer school led by ERIGAL and OPALC!

The CERIUM summer school, entitled Latin America in Motion, organized as part of the CERI-CERIUM chair and piloted by ERIGAL and OPALC in June 2021, was successfully concluded last week, with the delivery of grades and the validation of all credits for students who attended the school. With more than 20 participants, from the University of Montreal, but also from other Montreal universities and Science Po Paris, the participants showed a great dynamism and enthusiasm towards the proposals of our speakers, throughout the three weeks of online activities.

Many transversal themes related to the current political dynamics in Latin America were discussed: new dynamics of social movements and protests in general; challenges of the drafting of a new Constitution (especially through the current Chilean case) ; corruption and judicialization of corruption cases; State-society relations through the question of incorporation, disincorporation and reincorporation; access to human rights and the struggles waged in their name; public policies, activism and social movements through contemporary history in Latin America and the United States, the rising of antifeminism and the impact of these "anti-gender" movements on women's rights; and finally informal participation and alternative forms of political participation.

A lot of ERIGAL members, students and professors participated in our summer school, both as students and as speakers. We would like to thank them for their presence and for their enriching reflections and we hope that this experience will be repeated in the future!