Rose Chabot

Rose is a PhD candidate in political science from McGill University and is broadly interested in researching the interactions and tensions between feminist movements and states in the construction of “gendered” public policies. Her dissertation focuses on sexual and reproductive health policies and gender-based violence prevention and sanction laws in Argentina, but her interest for comparative research has led her to explore other Latin American contexts as well. Rose holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Studies from Université de Montréal (2015). In addition to her involvement with the ERIGAL, she is currently an active member of McGill University’s Institute for the study of international development (ISID), the Latin American Studies Network of Montreal (RELAM) and the Red de Politólogas.
Fields of interest
Public policy
Feminist movements
Qualitative and mixed methods.
Peer-Reviewed Article
Chabot, Rose. 2021. “Incoherent Gender Citizenship: Argentina’s Sexual/Reproductive Health and Gender-Based Violence Laws”. Revista Communitas, [S. l.], vol. 5, num. 9, p. 166–204.

Book Chapters
Chabot, Rose. 2020. “Procesos de fronterización estatales en el Cono Sur: El caso de las paseras y bagalleras”. In Fronteras interrogadas: enfoques aplicados para un concepto polisémico, Edited Book by Matías Ghilardi and Brenda Matossian. Buenos Aires: Editorial Teseo.
Chabot, Rose, Ximena Cuadras Montoya, and Adriana Pozos. 2019. Introduction. L’espace public et la politique des gauches en Amérique latine. Edited book by Julian Durazo Herrmann. Québec: Presses de l’Université Laval.