Launch of the fourth ERIGAL video capsule of the Diálogos-Dialogues series!
It is with great joy and pride that we announce today the launch of our fourth video capsule of our ÉRIGAL Series "Diálogos. Dialogues" which consists of a series of short video interviews with local actors, practitioners and academics from Latin America.
This capsule was made possible thanks to the fantastic work of Gustavo Andrade (Master's in political science from Concordia University) and the generous participation of Dona Maria and Don Wilson. Professors Jean-François Mayer and Thomas Collombat also greatly contributed to the crafting of this video, along with our editor Rose Chabot, Eugenia Buero as graphic designer, and Garance Robert as the coordinator. This work was also made possible thanks to the support of our wonderful director, Professor Françoise Montambeault.
Entitled "The Catadores: A Case of Grassroots Recycling Cooperatives in Brazil", this capsule highlights the work of two leaders of grassroots waste management cooperatives in Brazil. Dona Maria from Cooper Glicério and Don Wilson from Cooperativa Vira-lata, reveal their daily activities, the ways in which the cooperative model has shaped their political mobilization, as well as their own vision of their work. In a global context in which we face an exponential increase in waste production, recycling becomes an increasingly crucial issue for the future of our environments and communities.
The video is available with English or French subtitles here, or directly on ERIGAL's YouTube channel.
We hope you will enjoy it and do not hesitate to share it on your social networks!